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I've been seeing the nice orange RSS icons everywhere, and wanted one to replace the plain text TypePad uses by default. With a little Googling, I found They've done a really nice job packaging this up, with multiple sizes of the icons and instructions on how to change the color if orange doesn't do it for you.

For anyone on TypePad, here's the code I used to get the icon to appear with no border and to pick up the subhead style for the word "Subscribe". Adjust icon dimensions based on the one you end up using.

<div class="module-syndicate module">
<h2 class="module-header" style="margin-bottom: 15px"><a href="http://[yourblog]/index.rdf"><img src="[youriconpath]" border="0" height="32" width="32" style="border: 0px"> Subscribe</a>

Now I need to stop playing with my blogs and bill some hours! ;-)

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