Start here, collect $200

Or you would if you were a little pewter shoe. Since you're a human, I'm afraid you can't fit on the Start square for your $200. Sorry.

I'm an eccentric geek in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  I first launched my personal site a couple years ago to keep track of vegetarian restaurant and other lists that I seemed to be repeatedly generating and sending via e-mail. Some quirk of my psyche loves collecting and disseminating information (including bits I personally could never use). I'm sure you know people who you can always ask "Where can I get" and they'll list 3 stores including URLs—that's me.

Tangentorama is basically everything which doesn't fit tidily in my survey research blog Practical Surveys, as well as my playground for working with TypePad. The layout will have some pretty awful moments this first month as I'm not bothering to prototype things out on a test site.

Please post general comments/questions to this entry—I do take requests. When I feel like it.



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