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I'm watching The Day the Earth Stood Still and Klaatu mentions destroying the Earth, which naturally made me think of Sam Hughes' Geocide site. Despite the impressive amount of research humanity has done on destroying life forms, nobody has yet found a viable way to demolish our homey little ball of rock. Though it's not for lack of contemplation—the fiction page lists Vogon construction crews as only one of many methods.

Current Earth-Destruction Status

I stumbled across a great short film today: "The Plight of Clownana." It's very funny and off-beat, and best of all you can watch the full length on their Web site. I just wish they offered a higher resolution version to download—I'm sure there are nuances of the dance-off that I missed. According to an IMDB post by "cbdowling" (unverified as Chris Dowling the writer/director/narrator) Jensen Ackles is driving,  Riley Smith throws the drink, Christian Kane gets beat up by DM and Kris Polaha is fourth in the jeep. 

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GrupThink has a list of easily mispronounced domain names. Amazingly only one is listed as being renamed so far. General rule: Never combine a plural with "exchange."

For those who haven't had enough marketing classes in their life, the Chevy Nova is considered one of the original global naming "oops." In Spanish, "no va" means "doesn't go." Of course according to Snopes it's a false story, so take it as you will.

If you're female and having a rough day (let me know if this works for guys too), try Cute Overload. It's  a frequently updated site packed with adorable critter photos. You can also find links to other photo sites like Stuff On My Cat and e-commerce niches you never knew existed like guinea pig costumes.

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